Student Spotlight: Computer Science Major Ameya Acharya '16

What is your major/minor?
Computer Science 

Where are you from?
Scarsdale, NY

Why is computer science so important to you?
Having a background in computer science allows me to make so many different kinds of things. To have an idea and be able to make it happen is such a powerful skill.

How do you feel Cornell has prepared you for your future?
Cornell has expected a lot from me and shown me what I'm capable of. This is not only from academic rigor but from the responsibility that you get as a Cornell student.

You are co-president of WICC, tell us about your experience and why you think this organization is important?
It makes no sense to me that only 15% of the computing workforce are women when 50% of the world are women. There's no way we can make great products for everyone when engineering teams only represent half of our population.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to working at a job that I love and where I learn and am inspired every day.