SRAC Contact Information

CIS Sponsored Research Administration Center (SRAC)

107 Bill & Melinda Gates Hall


Shannon Pelto, Research Finance Coordinator, Phone:  607.255.1291

  • Effort certification

  • Post-award grant/contract management for Information Science and Statistical Science PIs

  • Annual/final reports

  • Backup for proposal submission

Kellie Eldred, Pre-Award Specialist, Phone:  607.255.4978

  • Primary contact for proposals

Jesse Kreager, Finance Specialist, Phone: 607.255.6046

  • Team lead
  • Post-award grant/contract management for Computer Science PIs
  • Financial reporting
  • Web page content and newsletter

Claudia Wojcinski, Director, Phone: 607.255.9218

  • Oversee SRAC
  • Computing support charges (IT recharge center)
  • CISIS access and questions
  • Policy compliance