Play and experience newly developed video games at Cornell Game Design Initiative Showcase

WHAT: Cornell Game Design Initiative Showcase 2016

WHEN:  Friday, May 20 from 4:00-7:00 pm

WHERE: ACCEL Labs, Carpenter Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Come to Cornell and explore the latest and greatest in video game design? Under the auspices of the Game Design Initiative at Cornell University, students take classes to explore diverse aspects of game design and game development. The culmination of this year’s hard work is highlighted at the Game Design Initiative Showcase 2016 to be held May 20 from 4-7 pm in Carpenter Hall. The event is free and open to the public and participants are urged to play and experience the new games that Cornell students have developed, including a new virtual reality game.

Some of this year’s projects include:

• Crystallize– This virtual reality education game is developed by Computer Science Professor Erik Anderson and computer science major Alan Cheng. An RPG-style game, players go on quests to gather words in a foreign language so they can talk to natives.

• Squeak-and-Swipe – This mobile puzzle games is also developed by Alan Cheng together with Andrew Wolfers, Brian Bodel, Mengqiao Li, Nuper Bhatt and Sicen Hou. In this game players rotate the levels of a warehouse so a mouse can navigate safely.

• Inari – Inspired by the hit commercial game Ori and the Blind Forest, Inari is a very artistic mobile action game with a custom musical score by Yuzhao Shen ‘19. Student game developers are Julia Mei, Kate Salesin, Matthew Persons, Phillip Yan, John Peng, and Charles Lai.

The Game Design Initiative at Cornell University is part of the Department of Computer Science and is led by Director Walker White, computer science professor and primary instructor for the game design courses.

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