Stats Holds First-Ever Cornell Day of Statistics

The Cornell University Department of Statistical Sciences is pleased to present the first-ever Cornell Day of Statistics on Friday, September 11. Leading researchers and practitioners in the field of statistics are attending to talk about new directions and new discoveries. Cornell’s Day of Statistics is free and open to the public but registration is required.

Computing and Information Science Dean Greg Morrisett will kick off the Day of Statistics at 9:30 on September 11 followed by the presentation of the Distinguished Alumni Award to Bill Strawderman, Cornell MS’65, who will then give a talk about his distinguished career Strawderman received his PhD in statistics in 1969 from Rutgers University, where he has been a statistics professor since 1970. “I look at statistics as a science in organizing, presenting and analyzing data from essentially any field,” says Strawderman. “Statistics has become more sexy, no question about it. Data mining and data science…there is an enormous amount of data being generated. The growth of computing power makes it easier and harder to analyze this stuff. You definitely need a strategy and a statistician!”

Following the Distinguished Alumni Award talk, there will be presentations from the field’s best and brightest, including Dominique Fourdrinier of France’s University of Rouen, Marty Wells of Cornell’s Department of Statistical Science, Liza Levina of the University of Michigan, Harry Zhou of Yale, Richard Davis of Columbia, and Adoardo Airoldi from Harvard University.

Cornell Statistics Professors Giles Hooker and Florentina Bunea are the Co-organizers of the first-ever Cornell Day of Statistics. “The department of Statistical Science has now been coordinating Statistics at Cornell for 10 years. This program of fantastic speakers is a great way to celebrate that landmark and to showcase Cornell's continuing tradition of excellence in statistical research,” said Hooker.