Form 10

The Form 10 is Cornell's internal academic approval form for sponsored programs.

When is a Form 10 required?

A Form 10 is required for all new proposals, and for major changes to funded projects (for example:  change in PI, changes in compliance information, budget revisions that increase the original budget, supplemental funding requsts, or changes in the scope of work).

Why is a Form 10 required?

Form 10 serves multiple functions. First, it provides OSP with information on when and where to submit the proposal and key information about the proposed project (duration, amount requested, etc.). Second, it provides the university's compliance units with certification data (e.g., animal use, conflict of interest, etc.). And lastly, it allows Departments and Colleges to review and approve, by signing, commitments of resources made by their investigators.

Who must sign the Form 10?

The Principal Investigator and all co-PIs are responsible for signing the Form 10 and by doing so, certify that they will be responsible for the conduct of the research or other activity supported.  Each PI's department chair, director or dean must also sign the Form 10.

Can I sign a Form 10 electronically?

Yes!  In fact, SRAC prefers this - it's much easier and faster than routing paper.  If you are using an Adobe product to view PDF files, you should see a "Sign" button in the upper right corner of the screen when you have the Form 10 open (this is even available in the free Reader software).  Click on that button (or choose "Sign" from the "View" menu) and then click on "Place Signature".  The first time you do this, you will need to save a signature; afterward, you can just drag the "Place Signature" box to the line you need to sign.  Save the file with your signature and email it back.

What if I am not able to sign?

Effective January, 2016, OSP is able to accept an email acknowledgement with the completed form attached to the email.