Where To Look For Jobs

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College to Career Programs

In order to assist those who are new to the job market and provide additional support for those candidates, some companies offer "college to career programs." These programs offer separate career and job search sections on their websites targetted at prospective and recent graduates vs. those who have been in the work-force for a while.

The college to career pages usually also provide additional resources for students to help them navigate through the application and interview process.

Companies which offer College to Career Hire Programs/Resources

Although the pages above are directed towards college students, you can also check out the company pages directed at those who have been in the work force as you may find a position for which you are qualified and interested in. 

You can find additional college to career programs by simply doing a Google search for college or university hire programs


Professional Associations and Societies

Many professional associations have a career section in their online journal. Many offer discounted student rates to join.  Sign up for their list serv’s and to receive news about positions from them where applicable.


Professional Networking Sites


You can search the 'jobs' tab on LinkedIn using key words to narrow down results for positions you might be interested in. You can limit the time frame which the positions were posted and check bcak using the same search to see what has been added in subsequent weeks.

Here are two examples of searches using machine learning and data analyst:


Job Search Engines


Indeed.com is a job search tool you may find useful. It has a broad scope of jobs listed aggregated from other job search engines like Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com.  

  • You can search by location, skills and levels.
  • Indeed also provide tools which show you the trends of positions listed over the past few years, based on a keyword search.
    • And you can click on the key word link below the graph to see positions listed currently.
    • Using this tool allows you to see those jobs you may be qualified for but whcih did not come up in your keyword search or passed over because the title did not sound relevant to you. 


Other Job Search Engines: