Company founded by CS Prof and Alum Selected for "AI 100"

GrokStyle, an Ithaca-based company founded by Cornell researchers, has been selected for the “AI 100,” a group of emerging private companies working on groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology.

The list is compiled by CB Insights, a service that advises media and businesses about technologies that may change the way business is done. The top 100 companies, including GrokStyle, were recognized at then Innovation Summit conference in Santa Barbara, Calif, Jan. 11.

GrokStyle, founded by Kavita Bala, professor of computer science, and Sean Bell, M.S. ’15, Ph.D. ’16, helps consumers find interesting products and combine them in stylistic ways. “The images on the internet are effectively a massive showroom.” Bell explains. “GrokStyle gives you a buy button that lets you say ‘I want that, what is it?’ … You can take a picture online or in person, and we will let you shop within that photo.”

AI 100 winners were chosen based on data submitted by the companies, responses to interview questions and the company’s Mosaic Score – an algorithm built with funding from the National Science Foundation that gives predictive intelligence into the health of private companies.

“The companies in the AI 100 are accelerating research, improving efficiency and making many game-changing advancements that will be felt for decades to come,” CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal said.

-- from the Cornell Chronicle