BOOM Presentation Guide

When you’re preparing for BOOM, think about how to sum up your project in a short presentation, and how to explain it to people with varying technical backgrounds. If your project includes elements that people can interact with, all the better!

Check this space prior to submission as guidelines may change.


All Cornell students are invited to present their projects in cutting-edge digital technology; projects may be the result of a class, an independent study, or an ongoing project.  You are required to provide two resources for each project: presenters and a poster.  Devices and democs are optional, but we encourage you to bring anything that people can interact with to experience your ideas.


Keep an eye on this space for information about awards for BOOM 2019.

Student Ambassador

If you will not be an active presenter at BOOM, consider being a Student Ambassador.  Student Ambassadors assist BOOM sponsors in their needs, during setup and during BOOM, typically from 2 – 6pm.


Keep an eye on this space for Presenter responsibilites for BOOM 2019.


Registration is closed for BOOM 2018, please check the project list below to make sure your project information is accurate.

Approval Process

When you submit your team's project you will receive a confirmation email from the submission system.  Once projects are collected, they will be reviewed by BOOM and you will receive a follow up email with more information about your project's status. 

Space and Materials

Projects typically receive between 8 and 12 square feet of table space based on their project type.  You will also be provided with access to a power outlet, typically via a provided power strip.  You will not be permitted to use additional extension cords or "daisy chain" power strips. You will be provided a surface, wall or easel and foam bord, on which to afix your poster


We recommend that your poster is readable from about 5 feet away, typically between 22″x 28″ and 24"x 36".  Cover the key points of your work. Detailed information should be included in your web page, handouts, and/or short oral presentation.  Printing services are available at:

  • Mann Library
  • Word Pro
  • Gnomon Copy


Before Boom

  • register by March 30, 2018
  • approved by April 6, 2018

Day Of Boom

  • 2pm Arrive and Setup
  • 4pm Boom Starts
  • 5:45pm Awards
  • 6:00pm Reception (Park Atrium, Statler Hall)
  • 7:00pm A Conversation with Geek Girls- Guided Discussion (Statler Auditorium)