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Joint Programs

The Johnson Graduate School of Management (JGSM), in collaboration with Cornell's Computer Science Department, initiated an immersion course in electronic commerce (E-Business Immersion NBA613). The goal was to give students an in-depth understanding of all aspects of doing business in the networked economy. A JGSM / CIS collaboration means that students will receive a solid education in the enabling technologies that form the backbone of e-commerce.

JGSM immersion courses represent a new model of management education; it replaces static case-based training with integrated, experiential, just-in-time learning. In an immersion course, students work on real-world problems under real-world time pressures. The result is savvy students who combine a sound theoretical background with a hands-on sophistication-a "been there, done that" kind of confidence and the "big picture" perspective required for success in the business world today.

With Intel's support, we have created an e-commerce laboratory for the e-commerce immersion as well as support a broad collection of e-commerce courses in JGSM. The proposed lab comprises a group of powerful workstations for individual students and several powerful servers to support a real-life data management infrastructure of a fictional e-commerce company (including a web server, an industry-strength database system, web-database connectivity, and database application software).

We've also taught a second year elective course NBA 601 "The Software Infrastructure of Electronic Commerce". The course introduced students to computer security, distributed systems, fault-tolerance, software construction, reasoning under uncertainty, and database and data mining technology.