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IAI Lecture Series

Dr. Christian Cachin, IBM Zurich
"Secure Intrusion-tolerant Replication on the Internet"
Date: February 4, 2003
Location: 5130 Upson Hall, Cornell University

This talk describes the secure intrusion-tolerant replication architecture (SINTRA) for coordination in asynchronous networks subject to Byzantine faults. SINTRA supplies a number of group communication primitives, such as binary and multi-valued Byzantine agreement, reliable and consistent broadcast, and an atomic broadcast channel. Atomic broadcast immediately provides secure state-machine replication. The protocols are designed for an asynchronous wide-area network, such as the Internet, where messages may be delayed indefinitely, the servers do not have access to a common clock, and up to one third of the servers may fail in potentially malicious ways. Security is achieved through the use of threshold public-key cryptography, in particular through a cryptographic common coin based on the Diffie-Hellman problem that underlies the randomized protocols in SINTRA. The talk will focus on the cryptographic agreement and broadcast protocols in SINTRA and also describe a prototype implementation of SINTRA.