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CIS Academics

CIS brings its faculty together with faculty throughout the university—from Anthropology, Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, Biology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, History, Mathematics, Operations Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and the social sciences and the humanities.

Cornell grants Ph.D.s in Computer Science, Information Science, Statistical Science and Computational Biology. Undergraduates in Cornell’s three largest colleges can major in Computer Science and Information Science, and students in each of Cornell’s colleges can pursue concentrations in these programs. 

Ultimately, CIS programs will reach every Cornell undergraduate in more than 50 departments as CIS and the emerging interdisciplinary fields it supports, such as human-computer interaction, attract a more diverse group of students, including women and underrepresented minorities. This broad reach is critical, as the information technology sector seeks to expand its impact and attract more young people to careers in industry. CIS students remain in high demand by these employers, even in the current economic climate, because of their unique combination of technical and practical skills.