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About CIS

Cornell Computing and Information Science (CIS) is a college-level unit with the mission of integrating computing and information science—its ideas, technology, and modes of thought—into every academic field.

CIS engages every college at Cornell and shares the information revolution with every Cornell student.

Working with seven colleges and four professional schools, CIS brings its Computer Science, Information Science and Statistical Science faculty together with faculty throughout the university.

Cornell grants PhDs in Computer Science, Information Science, Statistical Science and Computational Biology. Undergraduates in Cornell’s three largest colleges can major in Computer Science and Information Science, and students in each of Cornell’s colleges can pursue a minor in these programs.

Why CIS?
Interdisciplinary research is stimulating a new level of student interest in computing. Just as the needs of computational science and engineering led to dramatic advances in high-performance computing; other areas, such as biology, law, and the social sciences, are calling for new software methods, tools, and products. Cornell and CIS have driven such innovation and will continue do so in the future.

Founded on the recognition that computing and information science are relevant to every academic discipline, CIS capitalizes on interdisciplinary collaboration to accelerate knowledge creation and discovery.

Committed to this idea, more than a decade ago Cornell embraced a unique strategy: create a college-level Computing and Information Science unit with computer science at its core. This college-level structure would create new programs and curriculum, organize and recruit faculty, and sponsor research.

Today, students are using the multidisciplinary interests of CIS faculty to study digital art, game design and social media, among many other emerging academic fields. They are also developing a diverse set of skills that are in high demand by employers, but that also encourage and support those seeking startup careers.